Shuttr - The Concept

I began taking sports photos after retiring from rowing and needing something new to fill up my spare time. I photographed several of the rowing races »

5 years, cured!

I recently had my last check up at the Tom Baker Cancer Center.  It marked my 5th year post-treatment.  The results were perfect and I can »

2 Years!

Well, yesterday was my 2 year check up. It actually hasn't been two full years but I guess each of my appointments has been a bit »

+16 Months

My chest x-rays are clear, my blood work is perfect and the physical exam was good! I was a bit nervous before this one, but it »

A Year Later.....

I'm still clean! Sorry this is a bit late, I've been a bit busy with everything. I took on a couple contracts outside of Nortel to »

+9 Months - Clean!

I have no idea why the last one showed activity but my +9 month scan was completely clean. No cancer!!! I must have been excited or »


I had my +9 month PET scan and now begins the longest week ever waiting for the results. I get them next Tuesday (Novemeber 7th) along »

New condo!

My next scan will be on October 31st. Yes, that's Halloween, I think I might dress up. That is probably going to be the most important »